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Kasreyn's Journal
Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow
I don't know if anyone still bothers to check this, since I haven't updated it in over two years. So this probably comes as late announcement, but I'm done writing here, at least for now.

Kasreyn was just a name I pulled out of a hat to have something to call my first Sorceror in Diablo. Then I met some people who are very dear to me and they first knew me by that name, so I kept it, for old time's sake. I've been Kasreyn now for about eight years, and I think I've outgrown it. If you read the book he's from, you'll find he's a cold, villainous bastard. I once thought that of myself, which was one reason I adopted his name. Not any more.

My life has been full of unexpected changes of late, and I suppose I feel that this journal no longer serves the purpose for me that it once did. The days of internet anonymity seem to be passing, and it grows harder by the month to maintain some sort of separation between myself, the mind that spews forth opinion, rant, and random nonsense, and myself, the physical person who can be identified, hurt, passed over for a job, etc. I'm no longer so certain that our once-glorious Internets remains a place where masked men clad in capes and question marks can gad about speaking freely without fear of reprisal.

Besides, the part of me that felt the need to speak out so wildly seems to have calmed in the intervening time. Perhaps I've grown a bit more accepting of the way the world is. Or maybe I've just become more aware of the futility of trying to change how people are. Regardless, I no longer feel the urge to argue with every idiot on the web. And I'm no longer so enamored of my own voice as to write long posts (like this one?) that few if any will read.

I might return to LJ one day, but probably under a different name, and only once I decide what I have to say that's worth saying. Besides, it has occurred to me that if I don't have the regular outlet of just venting in a journal, I might be more interested in writing something of publishable length. Might be worth a shot.

Those interested in keeping in touch should send me an LJ private message. I'll try to check it once weekly, and I'll get back to you by email. I have a facebook now, but since it uses my real name I'll not identify it here.

Nearly 5 years since my first entry here. I'd say for more than two years, this site was my home on the internet. I'd like to thank each of you who read it for making it a pleasant one. While I was here, I went from a very lonely, angry, and bitter person to someone much more accepting of life and much more able to love and be loved in return. All of the credit for that goes to a very small group of people, and I'm not sure I'm one of them. In particular, I'd like to thank Paul, Mephista, Derby, and Aizawa for making LJ a worthwhile experience for me, and encouraging me to write. You guys light up my life and helped make me who I am.

It was fun, LJ. Take care,


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I found this article on the recent elections in Haiti to be very insightful.

Let me give you a little background. Two friends of mine at my workplace, Edward and Vladymir, are from Haiti. Before I met them I knew as little about Haiti as any American: just that it was a poor island nation, with a largely black population who spoke French.

The truth I've learned from them is much more interesting than the cardboard-cutout stereotype. I've learned about meringue, vodou, and the U.S. occupation. Haiti is in fact one of the poorest countries in the entire world, and so rife with violence and insecurity that "professional kidnapper" is a common job title. Haiti was the second country in the western hemisphere to declare its independence from Europe, after America. It was the result of the only completely successful slave rebellion in human history.

From Vladymir, who grew up on the mean streets of Cite Soleil - Haiti's worst slum - I learned that it can be a struggle just to survive from day to day. And from Edward, who formerly worked in the Aristide administration, I learned that Haiti's politics are equally corrupt. Under the previous democratic government, in the elections of 2000, there were more than 10,000 polling places open throughout Haiti; in this one, there were barely over 500. The majority of these were put in wealthy neighborhoods, and in poverty-stricken Cite Soleil? Not a single polling place. Furthermore, many potential candidates were locked up by the Haitian government, in order to prevent their candidacy under Haitian law.

A popular political movement in Haiti, called "Lavalas", has repeatedly shown that the vast majority of Haitians, including the poor, prefer their policies; Lavalas has won landslide elections time and time again. And every time, armed gangs of agitators backed by organizations outside Haiti have overthrown its legitimately elected government. Edward (whose name I've changed to protect him) had to flee the country when the Aristide government fell (which involved Aristide, from what I've read, being forced to resign and flown out of the country by the U.S.). Now he hopes to return, since Preval is supposedly a relative of his.

And now, in the article I mentioned, it is pointed out that the opponents of a democratic Haiti have already begun to use the election negotiation as grounds to call the Preval government illegitimate, despite the fact that the closest contender would never have come close even if there had been a second runoff. (Put in simpler terms, the Lavalas mandate is mathematically unequivocal at this point, far more so than the mandate fantasies of Bush supporters in our country.) If past events are repeated, this will again be used as an excuse to deny Haiti international aid and money, dooming the poorest country in the Western hemisphere to another cycle of poverty, violence, and political instability.

On most Americans' radar, the elections in Haiti was probably no more than a random blip. Probably just a FOX News comment and a predictable shot of poor blacks in Cite Soleil "rioting" (in reality, protesting and being fired upon by police). Most people probably shrugged and forgot about it. But when you get to know some of the people whose lives, and whose families' lives, depend on the outcome, it takes on an altogether more human dimension. The way I see it, Preval's victory is a victory for the common man despite every form of coercion and injustice operating in an attempt to disenfranchise them.

Why should Americans care about Haiti's freedom? Because many in the world find it strange that living in the shadow of the greatest espouser of liberty should cause a nation to founder in tyranny. Because Haiti shows that it is still possible for a mass progressive movement to succeed with all the odds stacked against it. And because whether you believe in Karma, Christianity, or just the golden rule, what we do to the least among us eventually reflects upon us to the same degree. As Americans, we should care because Haiti's example is an example of hope.
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This was inspired by a comment on 2008_democrats

I'm not excited by news of John Kerry considering another run for the White House in 08. I think he got a lot of his votes simply because he wasn't George Bush. That's definitely why *I* voted for him. In 2008 he won't be facing George Bush. Unless the Republican candidate is Rick Santorum, he'll face someone smarter and tougher in a debate, plus less fanatical. Which means Kerry's refusal to champion left-wing causes will fail to energize anyone. In 2004 it was "Kerry: He's Not Bush". In 2008 it'd be "Kerry: He's... Umm... What IS He, Anyway?"

My favorites out of that bunch were Dean, Clark, and Kucinich. Kucinich I would never have voted for and neither would anyone else, so it's a good thing he didn't get the nod, but I think he was a hell of a nice guy and meant well, which is rare in politics. Clark was the ultimate answer to the "war president" gambit. Dean, however, had fire. The "Deaniacs" showed that a grassroots Democratic movement is still not only possible, but capable of blowing Republicans out of their socks. The hideous character assassination job perpetrated upon Dean by the TV "news" media remains the single darkest point of that sordid campaign. It left a film of slime on my television, to see a good man slandered by false-disingenuous hypocrites. Kerry was the only candidate left after the party's Keystone Kopse-esque pratfalls were concluded. So yeah, I voted for him. I'd vote for practically anyone over a Bush.

I'm also rapidly losing hope in Hillary. She continues to try to suck up to evangelicals and "values voters". The Republicans hardly even have to exert themselves to keep winning as long as the Democrats continue to be nothing but pale imitation Republicans. All they have to do is keep leading the dance towards the right, and the Democrats will keep right on following, wondering what they're doing wrong...

How can we end this downward spiral? In the 2008 primaries, here's what you do. Vote down anyone who refuses to stand behind gay marriage without waffling. Vote down anyone who refuses to support reproductive freedom. Vote down anyone who believes preemptive war could ever be OK for any reason whatsoever. Vote down anyone who thinks the Kelo decision on Eminent Domain wasn't a travesty. Vote down anyone who does not cry out for stronger environmental protection and enforcement. Vote down anyone who does not passionately defend the social safety net, probably the greatest Democratic political achievement of the last century. Vote down anyone who uses the phrase "fully informed by my faith". Get a REAL Democratic candidate.

Ever since the 2000 Appointment, Democratic political figures have disgusted me with their lack of spine, bending over and kowtowing to the ignorant religious fanatics who have hijacked the country I love. They are Nixon's old hobby-horse of the "Silent Majority" revived. There never was a silent majority. There IS a very loud minority, though. Democrats need to get it through their head. Bush's values aren't middle America, they are those of a far-right evangelical fringe group. The proper way to oppose the Republican hydra is not to give ground and be dragged slowly to the right but to dig in and remain firmly devoted to the left.

That's the choice facing you, my friends. Stick with the John Kerrys and Joe Liebermans, the Democrats in Name Only, and the Republicans will lock this country down for the next 5 or 6 presidential terms at least, if not more. By then a new left party will emerge and devour the Democratic Party, but by then there might not be elections any more.

OR, go to the primary and take the party back. Pick someone who is a leftist and is proud of it. Pick someone who looks like he (or she) thinks they're a winner, not like they're reading from a Republican teleprompter. Because I gotta tell you, it's hard to win just based on charisma. Clinton had truckloads of it, so we got eight years. We need to win on the issues this time, so pick someone who's not afraid of a bunch of crosseyed bible-thumpers in goddamn states we aren't going to win anyway. (A charisma victory can wait until Barack's got a few more grey hairs to make him look presidential. ;-)

All I'm saying is, fight the fights we can WIN. There is still such a thing as middle america. They believe in first trimester abortion and parental notification. They straddle the fence. And they are NOT - no matter how many times FOX tells you this - religious fanatic weirdoes. They are concerned about the economy and how our future is being pissed away by energy multinationals and whether their kids are going to die in a desert somewhere. They're concerned about terrorists, yes, but they're more concerned on a day to day basis with health care, education, and having a job. If they're "values voters", then their values are health, privacy, job security, safety, education, and freedom.

So please, please wake up and drop the Newscorp script in the trash can. This square dance is being led to the right. So try breakdancing. Stop focusing on what we are not and focus on what we ARE. Liberal and proud of it.

P.S. I don't mean to disparage Mr. Obama with that charisma joke. He's also very strong on the issues, IMO. If only he had about twelve more years experience in Congress on his resume right now...
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Jack Thompson:
Because Floridians didn't have enough reasons to be ashamed of their state.Collapse )
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I know it's been a while since you all have heard anything from me... update coming soon. Short answer: I'm not dead.

I'm only posting this to get the word out about a man I'm coming to admire very much, who has the balls to say what needs to be said. Please read it and find it within you to help. The rest of the world is watching as America abandons thousands of its poorest and most helpless to their fate. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Right now I'm sure pleas to assist disaster victims are dime a dozen on LJ. I don't care. If I can motivate one person to cast off the shock and stupor I've been under for days now, it's worth it.
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First, read this.

Then wipe the stupid off your monitor, and read this:

a quick rebuttalCollapse )
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And I'm starting to get a leetle nervous. ^_^;

Or in other words,

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Every MMORPG you have ever played, described in the most pared-down form imaginable.

Nuff said.

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Purdue University has announced experiments supporting the theory that a cutting-edge device can actually perform contained thermonuclear reactions in a package that can sit on a table top.

Could this be it?

Essentially, the device sprays a mix of acetone laced with deuterium with neutrons, then exposes it to ultrasonic vibrations which cause bubbles to form in the mix and collapse. The bubbles are apparently very close to perfectly spherical (this is somehow due to the neutron bombardment, which I don't understand); and recollapse with sufficient force to fuse deuterium into tritium.

If this isn't a hoax, this could be a real step towards workable fusion power. I'll be waiting with bated breath for more news.
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